Master Your Next Project: The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Oscillating Multi Tool In The UK


An oscillating multi tool is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can carry with you, and they come in handy for various tasks. Whether you’re working on a home repair project, out in the garden, or dealing with a minor emergency, an oscillating multi tool can be a lifesaver. But with so many different models on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best oscillating multi tools available in the UK to help you make an informed purchase decision. So if you’re ready to find your new go-to piece of kit, read on!

What is an oscillating multi tool and why are they useful?

In the workshop and when carrying out DIY tasks, having the right tool for the job can make all the difference. Oscillating multi tools offer one of the most versatile solutions available to DIYers, delivering plenty of power in a compact package. an oscillating multi tool is essentially a combination oscillating tool and a multi-function power tool that allows you to tackle a range of jobs, including cutting, sanding, installing, grinding, polishing, and even removing mortar. Many models have adjustable oscillation speeds, which enable the user to complete a multitude of tasks with ease and precision.

Single-function tools are great for specific tasks, but when it comes to doing more than one job, nothing beats the convenience and versatility of an oscillating multi-tool. With this single tool, you can truly do it all! The oscillating multi-tool is definitely an invaluable addition to any serious DIYer’s arsenal of tools, and you should definitely find space in your tool box for one!

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All this talk of oscillating – what does that mean?

Oscillating tools use a rotating motor, whose rotation is converted to side-to-side motion, which causes the blade to move rapidly back and forth in a small arc. The amount the blade actually moves is quite small, much smaller than, for example, the movement of a jigsaw blade. This very small movement arc means that touching the moving blade will not necessarily result in injury, making an oscillating multi tool significantly safer to use than a jigsaw or other types of reciprocating saw.

This oscillation also makes it possible for you to cut, sand, grind and polish surfaces with ease and accuracy.

Some of the best features to look for in a quality oscillating multi tool

Whenever you’re looking for a quality multi-tool, there are several features to look for. One thing that many find indispensable is a tool free quick-release system, as it makes swapping out blades quick and easy. For those who do a variety of different activities, different multi-tool accessories can be incredibly helpful – from small saws to sanders and more. Although there is no universal fitting system, there are a number of brands which will accept blades from other manufacturers.

Variable speed control is also essential for getting the perfect blend of power needed for each job. Some models offer speed selection via a variable speed dial, whereas other models typically have a variable speed trigger. There are pros and cons to each, and there are situations where a constant speed from the pressing of the trigger is desirable. If you need a constant speed then a constant speed control dial is better than via the trigger.

Remember that the balance of your tool should also be taken into account – if the design feels off when you hold it, it probably won’t be comfortable over extended periods.

One of the most important factors is whether you want a model with a power cord or one that runs on batteries. Both have their pros and cons, so let’s take a closer look at each option.

Corded oscillating multi tools

A model with a power cord will always have more stamina than one that runs on batteries, making it better suited for heavier-duty tasks. It’s also generally more affordable than battery-powered models, as battery-powered units tend to command a premium. However, you’ll need to be sure that you have an outlet nearby where you can plug it in, and if the cord becomes damaged, it can be difficult to replace.

Cordless multi tool

Battery-operated models are portable and easy to use anywhere, making them perfect for DIYers who like to work on projects away from convenient power sockets. They’re also great for light-duty tasks, as the battery doesn’t necessarily pack as much of a punch as those found in corded multi tool models. However, they can be more expensive than their corded counterparts, and if the battery dies in the middle of a project, you’ll have to wait for it to recharge before you can finish.

Manufacturers have worked to standardise their battery designs within their own ranges, so, for example, a DeWalt battery recently purchased with (or for) a drill will be compatible with a DeWalt multi tool. This means that if you already have a compatible battery, you do not necessarily need to buy a battery and can purchase the “bare” unit.

Overall, the choice between a corded multi tool or cordless multi tool will depend on your needs and preferences. Both offer advantages and drawbacks, so be sure to consider all factors before making a purchase.

Oscillating multi tool blades and accessories

One of the best things about multi tools is that they are compatible with a wide range of interchangeable blades and accessories. From small saws to sanders and more, you can find the perfect blade for any project.

Using the right blade for each job is important, as using the wrong one can lead to poor results or even injury. When it comes to blades, there are several materials and styles to choose from. The most popular are carbon steel blades, which are durable and capable of withstanding tough jobs. For those who do a lot of sanding or polishing, carbide-tipped blades are also an option. These last much longer than regular steel blades, but they’re also more expensive

Finally, there are specialised blades available for specific tasks like grout removal, metal cutting or cutting through nails. Be sure to check what type of blades your tool is compatible with before making a purchase

In addition to different types of blades, multi tools can also be used with various accessories. These come in handy for tasks such as sanding, polishing and even scraping. With the right accessories, you can customise your tool to suit any job

The sanding pad is typically a hook-and-loop setup, and the disposable sanding pads just press onto the sanding pad accessory. Sanding tends to produce a lot of dust and the DeWalt tool, for example, offers a dust extraction adapter which can be attached to a vacuum.

No matter what projects you’re tackling, an oscillating multi tool is a great addition to any tool box, workshop or work site. With its versatility and power, it’s sure to help you get the job done quickly and easily.

One oscillating multi tool is a multi function tool that can take the place of several other power tools. As one good quality oscillating multi tool can probably fulfil the function of multiple tools, you could consider reallocating your budget towards the best oscillating multi tool and perhaps do without one or two other tools.

All of these factors combined with an appealing price should lead to the perfect tool! Taking these considerations in mind will help you get the best value out of your next multi-tool purchase.

Comparison of the top 5 oscillating multi tools available on the market today

If you’re looking for the best oscillating multi tool on the market, the options can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you, we’ve read the oscillating multi tool reviews and narrowed it down to five of the best multi tools:

Model DeWalt DCS355N-XJ DeWalt DWE315KT Bosch PMF 220 CE Makita DTM51Z Ryobi ONE+ R18MT-0
Power 300 w 300 w 220 w 390 w
Corded / Cordless Cordless Corded Corded Cordless Cordless
Voltage 18v 230v 230 v 18v 18 v
Variable Speed Yes, trigger Yes, trigger Yes, dial Yes, dial 6 position variable speed wheel
Speed 0 - 22,000 0 - 22,000 15,000 - 20,000 6,000 - 20,000 10,000 - 20,000
Lock On Yes Yes Yes
Depth Stop Yes Yes Yes
Dust Extraction Yes Yes Yes No No
Weight exc battery 1.5 kg 1.5 kg 1.1 kg 1.86 kg 1 kg
Sound 97 dB 97 dB 95 dB 77 dB 95.5 dB
Batteries Included No N/A N/A No No
Accessory system Quick Change Quick Change Magnetic Toolholder Tool-less accessory clamp Tool-less blade clamp
Accepts Most brands. Unit is supplied with adapter kit Most brands. Unit is supplied with adapter kit Starlock (n.b. not Starlock Plus or Starlock Max) OIS Makita, Bosch & Fein accessories, inc Starlock All brands
LED Yes Yes No No Yes
Included Accessories 29 pc (inc multiple sanding sheets) 37 pc (inc multiple sanding sheets) 9 pc None 6 pc
Oscillation Angle 3.2° 3.2° 2.8º 3.2° 3.2°
Available From
Other notes Oscillation angle often listed as 1.6, but the total is 1.6 x 2 Oscillation angle often listed as 1.6, but the total is 1.6 x 2 Has anti restart function 5 position pivoting head
Instruction Manuals DeWalt DCS355N Manual DeWalt DWE315KT Manual Bosch PMF 220 CE Manual Makita DTM51Z Manual Ryobi ONE+ R18MT-0 Manual

Instruction Manuals

Instruction manuals are at the bottom of the comparison table


  • An oscillating multi tool is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for various tasks, such as cutting, sanding, grinding and polishing.
  • Many models have adjustable oscillation speeds and come with a variety of interchangeable blades and accessories to suit different jobs.
  • When choosing an oscillating multi tool, consider whether you want a corded or cordless model. Corded models are more powerful but require an outlet, while cordless models are more portable but may not have as much power.
  • Our top 5 list provides an overview of the best multi tools available on the market today.


Oscillating multi tools are a versatile tool to have in your tool box. They can be used for a variety of tasks, from sanding and scraping to cutting and drilling. When shopping for an oscillating multi tool, it’s important to consider the different features that each model offers. Our top 5 list provides an overview of the best oscillating multi tools available on the market today. Although our top recommendation goes to the DeWalt multi tool, the others are also excellent tools and the decision may come down to buying a multi tool which is compatible with the batteries you already have. That’s fine! Weighing up the pros and cons of each model will help you choose the right tool for your needs.

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