How to choose the right shower head for your home

Shower heads or nozzles are an important part of a bathroom. There are lots of different kinds, like dual systems, rainfall heads, and more. We wrote this comprehensive guide so you’ll know how to choose the right shower head for your home


You may think that every shower head is the same, but that is not the case! They all do the same job, but there are different types of shower nozzles. You need to think about what’s important to you, like price, size, or what you want it to do, before you pick one.

Handheld Shower Head / Shower Handset

If the fixed shower head in your bathroom doesn’t give you enough control, then a handheld shower head is the right choice for you. It’s also known as a handheld shower handset, and it connects to the waterline with a hose.

You can hold handheld shower heads in your hand and point the water jet exactly where you want it. Depending on the new shower head style, it may well offer lots of different spray patterns, and you can select the appropriate spray pattern depending on what you need at that moment in time. You can also attach it to a slider rail and it will work like a fixed shower head.

The best option is to buy a set with both a fixed shower head and a matching handheld shower head. That way, you can choose which one you want to use each day.

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Multi-Function Shower Handset

Adding a multi-function shower handset to your shower installation is a great way to make showering more luxurious. This type of shower handset gives you lots of different jet options, like a gentle massage, a light mist, and a deep scrub. With these options, you can have the perfect shower every time!

Rainfall shower head

Showering under a rainfall shower head is a luxurious way to take a shower! They have a larger shower head and typically have a spray surface area of 10 inches or more. This creates the feeling of being in the rain and makes showering more fun and exciting. They are usually installed overhead instead of on the wall like a normal shower head. A rain shower head also looks beautiful and comes in different shapes, one being a rose shape. If you get a shower rose with a nickel finish, it will look amazing and last a long time.


  • Large spray surface area for a luxurious experience
  • Creates the feeling of being in the rain
  • Comes in different shapes and finishes to enhance your bathroom décor
  • Easy to install overhead instead of on wall like a normal shower head
  • Can be combined with other types of shower head such as multi-function handset or hand-held ones
  • Low maintenance and long lasting when properly installed and maintained


  • Higher cost compared to other shower heads
  • More complicated installation process due to its size and shape
  • Can be harder to clean due to large surface area that accumulates more soap scum, mildew, and grime
  • Can cause water splashing on the floor if not installed correctly
  • Not suitable for low water pressure settings as it needs a lot of water flow for the ‘rain’ effect

What is the difference between a jet and a rain shower head?

A jet shower head has water that comes out with more force and is aimed at a small area. A rain shower head is like standing in the rain and has settings so you can choose how strong the water comes out. A rainfall shower head is unlikely to be able to offer a full body massage feeling, or provide the numerous jet settings often available with a new showerhead

Concealed shower heads / Ceiling mounted shower head

A concealed shower head is a new way to enjoy a luxurious shower experience. Instead of having a regular shower head, a concealed shower head is installed in the ceiling. It looks like water is pouring straight from the ceiling and creates a waterfall-like effect. The shower head is usually finished with a round or square plate that the water comes out of.


  • Provides a luxurious shower experience
  • Creates a waterfall effect
  • Installed in the ceiling for a modern look
  • Finished with a round or square plate that the water comes out of
  • Very low maintenance and long lasting when properly installed and maintained
  • Easy to clean since there are no crevices where soap scum, mildew, and grime can accumulate


  • Higher cost compared to other shower heads
  • More complicated installation process due to its location
  • Not suitable for low pressure settings as it needs a lot of water flow
  • Not recommended in areas with very hard water, as the spray holes could be blocked by limescale build-up
  • May cause more splashing on the floor if not installed correctly
  • Can be more difficult to clean because of its design

Aerating shower heads

Aerating shower heads are really cool! They help give you a luxurious showering experience, even though they use less water than a regular shower head. They do this by mixing air and water together, which makes it feel like you have more water pressure.


  • Provides a powerful shower experience, even with less water
  • Mixes air and water together for increased pressure
  • Low maintenance and long lasting when properly installed and maintained
  • Easy to install on the wall like a normal shower head
  • Very affordable compared to other types of shower head
  • Can help save money by using less water
  • Suitable for low pressure settings as it does not need a lot of water flow
  • Less splashing since it mixes air with the water resulting in smaller droplets
  • Good choice for areas with hard water, as the spray holes won’t get blocked easily


  • More expensive than traditional shower heads
  • You might be able to hear the air pump

Fixed shower heads

A fixed shower head is a kind of shower that is attached to the wall. It looks neat and tidy, but you can’t move it around. This is a popular choice for smaller showers. You can find them in lots of different styles and some of them even have adjustable spray patterns and flow strength.

Wall shower arm

This type of shower head is fixed to the wall, but it sticks out further with a special shower arm. The shower head itself is usually bigger and points straight down. You can change the angle of the shower head, but it usually only has one way that it sprays the water. People sometimes call these kinds of shower heads rainfall shower heads or even rainforest shower heads.

Ceiling shower arm

This type of shower head is attached to the ceiling, instead of the wall. It’s a great way to add luxury and style to a wetroom or larger bathroom with a walk-in shower. You can find different styles to match both modern and classic bathrooms and is often used in conjunction with a rainfall shower.


Replace your outdated shower head with a sleek, minimalist option that seamlessly blends into both classic and modern bathrooms. Enjoy the concentrated flow of smaller fixed heads or let yourself be drenched under an expansive rainfall showerhead for a luxurious spa-like experience at home.


Fixed shower nozzles are fixed in place, making it almost impossible to direct the water flow precisely. On top of that, many fixed showers don’t provide more than a single spray setting.

Dual shower heads

A dual shower is a great way to take a shower! It has two different showerheads: one fixed to the wall and one that you can hold in your hand. Both of these heads are connected to the same valve. You can switch between them with a special switch called a diverter. That way, you can either have a powerful shower from the fixed head, or you can use the handheld one to get a bit more targeted!


Dual shower heads are a great choice for family bathrooms, offering both convenience and flexibility. With this option, families can enjoy the best of both worlds as family members can have their personal preference.


Although dual showers are a great addition to any bathroom, they can detract from the modern and sleek look you may be trying to achieve due to the extra fixtures like riser rails and hoses that must be added.

Low-Pressure Shower Heads and Low-Pressure Handsets

Do you ever have trouble washing off all the soap suds when you’re in the shower? A low-pressure showerhead is the perfect solution for this problem. It’s designed to work with water systems that don’t have lots of pressure. It will provide a strong, consistent water flow without needing a special shower pump. Plus, it’s super water-efficient! Typically only using 9.5 litres of water each minute, compared to the 19 litres per minute that other shower heads might use. This means you’ll save money on your water consumption each time you turn on the shower!


Step away from the mundane and into the world of statement showers! Now, it’s all about choosing pieces that not only serve their purpose but also have an aesthetically pleasing design. From varying finishes to different styles and features, you are completely spoiled for choice when selecting your shower fixtures. But how do you make sure your selection is right?

Traditional shower heads

Traditional shower heads have a classic look which is easy to spot. They usually have a dome-shaped top or an oval or round shape. In recent times, these types of shower heads have become more popular, and now come in many different versions such as handheld, fixed, and even rain shower heads. Handheld traditional shower heads may also have special handles made from porcelain or ceramic, which will give your bathroom a more classic look. If your bathroom is decorated in a traditional style, then a traditional shower head is a better fit. These shower heads are more detailed in their design, with rain can styles being the most popular.

Contemporary shower heads

Modern shower heads are cool and trendy! They come in many different shapes and sizes, like square and circular. They usually look very sleek and simple, which is perfect for a minimalist bathroom. Some shower heads even come in special finishes like black and mirrored, so you can coordinate your shower head with other bathroom fixtures like taps and bath fillers.

Choosing a shower head

When selecting a shower head for your bathroom, there are key considerations to keep in mind: budget, space and water pressure.

Space & ceiling height

A spacious bathroom is not very common these days since most homes are smaller. Loft conversions and ensuites also make the ceilings lower. This can limit what kind of showerhead you can choose. For example, a showerhead that comes down from the ceiling needs more room so the water doesn’t get on walls and other surfaces that aren’t tiled.

Cost & installation

Upgrading a shower like-for-like is the most cost effective way to upgrade the shower. This involves replacing the same type of shower with a new version, with minimal alterations to the existing setup. This means that the cost of the new shower, plus installation, is likely to be relatively low and may not require a plumber or builder. However, if the desired upgrade involves a complete change in type of shower, such as changing from a shower over a bath to a stand alone shower enclosure or shower wall, then the cost is likely to be higher and a plumber and possibly even a builder and decorator will likely be needed to complete the job.

If your shower screen is leaking at the hinge, we have a guide to help you solve the issue.

Water Pressure

The available water pressure will have a direct impact on the type of shower that can be installed in the bathroom. Showers designed to work with a higher water pressure may require water pumps, which will be an extra expense.

Shower heads requiring a lower water pressure will not provide the same amount of water flow, but they will be more cost-effective to install. Additionally, if the water pressure is too low, the shower may not provide enough water to rinse off adequately after a shower. To ensure that the right type of shower is installed, it is important to have an accurate measurement of the available water pressure.


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