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Helpful kitchen gadgets can help you transform a bland dish into a uniquely delicious (and easy-to-prepare) meal. They also make ideal Christmas gifts for home cooks and culinary students.

But what foodie gifts do you get for the food lover who already owns an amazing knife set with a knife sharpener, a high-quality set of pots and pans, and several hi-tech kitchen appliances? The answer might be a cool kitchen gadget, and we’ve got plenty of top options from which to choose.

So, if you’ve been searching for the best cooking gifts for a friend, loved one or keen cook, be sure to check out these unique gadgets for a taste of inspiration!

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Breville Blend Active Personal Blender

A Breville grill might be ideal for cheese toasties, but what about creating a healthy smoothie? Likely not.

That said, the Breville Personal Blender is a compact, easy-to-use, dishwasher-safe device that could quickly become a kitchen favourite. If the home cook in your life enjoys making smoothies but hates using (and washing up) heavy blenders, this kitchen gadget could transform their life for the better.

Firstly, this device minimizes post-blending clean-up, as the blender container functions as a portable drinking bottle. To create a delicious smoothie, you need only add your ingredients to the bottle, pop it into the blender port, and activate the blender.

Then, open the bottle’s cap and take a sip! It’s as easy as that.

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Morphy Richards Soup Maker

After braving cold, rainy weather, there’s almost no better way to warm up than by enjoying a bowl of homemade soup. But preparing a steaming bowl of delicious soup can take ages, especially if you use only the freshest natural ingredients.

Fortunately, the Morphy Richards Soup Maker makes short work of the soup-making process, helping you transform delectable ingredients and broths into a singular, magnificent soup that can warm the body and soul.

Though this soup maker might not boil your ingredients, it will process them into a smooth mixture that’s easy to pour into a range-top pot or saucepan. It offers several different processing modes, including “chunky” and “smooth”, ensuring your ingredients reach the ideal level texture.

Besides, even the most prepared person likely doesn’t own a soup maker, so this gift is sure to be a novel addition to almost any kitchen!

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KitchenCraft Food Huggers

Does your favourite home cook already own a host of countertop gadgets? If so, you might want to consider gifting them these KitchenCraft Food Huggers.

Though these practical gadgets aren’t the flashiest items, they are exceptionally helpful. Each stretchy cover provides a seal for containers, keeping fresh ingredients from spoiling or attracting irksome bugs.

As such, these covers could be perfect for spontaneous back garden picnics. They can also keep chopped or shredded ingredients fresher longer for minimal effort, especially when stored inside a refrigerator.

Each package includes four multi-size huggers, so you might want to stock up on several of these kitchen gadgets to ensure your loved one has enough to keep all their favourite ingredients sealed and protected.

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AIFUSI Snap Strainer

Have you ever watched your loved one scurry around the kitchen in a mad frenzy while preparing pasta? If so, you should consider gifting them the AIFUSI Snap Strainer.

This kitchen gadget might not automatically cook pasta, but it can reduce your post-meal washing up. 

That’s because this silicone tool attaches to the inside of pots, allowing you to strain the water from the pasta. As such, there’s no need to use a separate (and hard-to-clean) colander! Imagine how much easier this tool could make life for a pasta-lover.

Because this device is made of silicone, it stretches to fit the edge of virtually every pot, and its clips keep it secure while pouring. It’s a fantastic choice for anyone who enjoys the occasional (or frequent) carbonara dinner.

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Nurch Herb Scissors

Knife skills are foundational in terms of culinary excellence. But carefully chopping fresh herbs can take ages, resulting in a messy cutting board, a cluttered kitchen counter, and tons of frustration.

That’s why the Nurch Herb Scissors is such a valuable and nifty tool. They can transform a thirty-minute preparation process into a minutes-long affair, transforming herbs of almost every size into perfectly shredded pieces that are easy to add to any dish.

This device is equipped with five sharp cutting blades, and using it is as simple as placing your chosen herbs between these blades and squeezing the handles. Cleaning tiny bits of herbs from the blades is equally simple, thanks to the included silicone safety cover.

If you know someone who loves to cook but hates chopping herbs, this tool could be just what they need to add to their kitchen cupboard.

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Joie Kitchen Gadgets Avocado Pod

Finding the perfect avocado is challenging—keeping it from spoiling immediately after bringing it home can feel like an unwinnable battle. But did you know that you can help keep your pricey avocados fresh by storing them inside airtight containers?

The Joie Kitchen Gadgets Avocado Pod is one of the best of these containers, as it adheres to the avocado’s shape. While resting inside this airtight chamber, your avocado will avoid several things that cause avocados to over-ripen, including direct sunlight.

Besides, because the stretchy membrane of this cool kitchen gadget is made of silicone, you can reuse this pod again and again without worrying about tearing or breaking. 

In short, this simple gadget could become a prized possession for any friend or loved one who loves avocados.

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OlBuWa Cooking Rings

A fried egg in the morning might not make for the healthiest breakfast, but it’s hard to top in terms of deliciousness! Still, keeping an egg’s whites contained and its yolk unbroken is a skill that even accomplished head chefs struggle with.

Using the OlBuWa Cooking Rings is a fantastic way to produce the perfect fried egg each time. Besides, these stainless steel rings come in various shapes – six in total, so you can use them to make heart-shaped pancakes for a partner or tree-shaped cookies during the holiday season.

This might not be the most innovative kitchen gadget, but it’s undoubtedly a year-round multi-purpose option that can inspire a little extra creativity in the kitchen and keep the kids interested in food.

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Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is a quick and easy way to make perfect boiled, poached, or scrambled eggs without any of the hassles.

This handy appliance can cook up to six eggs at a time, making it the perfect solution for busy mornings when you need breakfast on the go.

The included poaching tray lets you easily make perfectly poached eggs, while the BPA-free plastic holders keep boiled eggs neatly organized.

With its compact design, the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker fits easily on any countertop and makes a great addition to any kitchen.

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Fullstar 4-in-1 Vegetable Chopper

Chopping herbs is far from the only type of challenge a home cook faces when preparing delicious meals. Vegetables can be equally, if not more, frustrating and time-consuming. But nearly every recipe calls for some type of veggie!

But if your favourite cook owns a Fullstar 4-in-1 Vegetable Chopper, they can easily mince, dice, and shred vegetables. 

This must-have mini chopper consists of an empty bottom chamber (which catches processed ingredients), a changeable bladed platform, and a push-shut lid that pushes vegetables against the blade and into the chamber.

Preparing veggies only takes minutes, and because you can take this chopper apart, it’s easy to handwash or pop into the dishwasher for a quick clean. 

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Joie Kitchen Gadgets Pot Watcher

When it comes to cool kitchen gadgets, it’s challenging to do better than Joie Kitchen Gadgets. This brand is responsible for producing several of the most unique and pragmatic cooking gifts, including the Pot Watcher.

Particularly useful for beginner-level cooks, the bright blue Pot Watcher keeps pots from boiling over by propping pot lids ajar, allowing high-pressure steam to escape. And when not in use, these gadgets make for adorable countertop friends.

Each Pot Watcher is equipped with a “mouth” that slides onto pot edges. The rounded body of the device keeps lids slightly open, and the silicone construction is entirely food-safe, heat-resistant, and easy to clean. 

If you’ve been wondering what to give the home cook who owns everything, look no further than these cute little people!

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Chef Remi Jar Opener

Both world-class chefs and beginner-level cooks can struggle with sticky, overtightened jars. Many a glass gherkin container has remained untouched and abandoned due to a hard-to-open lid. 

That’s why it’s crucial to have a jar opener handy, but it’s a tool that many cooks (and their loved ones) neglect to consider. Consequently, the Chef Rami Jar Opener could be an unexpected and practical cooking gift they’ll absolutely love.

This jar opener is shaped like a hand grip and features several circular openings, each sized to fit neatly around a jar’s lid. After placing this opening over the lid, simply grip the soft sides and twist to pop open even the toughest jars.

And with a two-year warranty, you can rest easy knowing that this kitchen gadget won’t let you down any time soon.

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DOQUAS Meat Thermometer

Several cool kitchen gadgets we’ve discussed thus far have a distinctly vegetable-positive flair. But what about the meat-loving cooks and grillmasters in your life? Don’t they also deserve a treat?

The answer is a resounding yes, and the DOQUAS Meat Thermometer could be an ideal option. This device can help meat-eating home cooks grill or bake their favourite meats to perfection, minimizing guesswork and resulting in mouthwatering meals.

It features a long metal probe that’s easy to push into lamb, chicken, or beef, and the backlit display screen makes it easy to read the temperature. Readings take only a few seconds, so there’s no need to keep your hand in the heat for minutes to gauge your meal’s doneness.

Of course, this thermometer works equally well with vegetables, baked goods, and liquids. You name it!

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VonShef Dual Omelette Maker

Home cooks with drawers full of tools and gadgets can be particularly challenging to shop for. Fortunately, there’s a cool kitchen gadget for every cook, and the VonShef Dual Omellete Maker is one of the most unique.

This gadget can make two omelettes simultaneously, and preparation is as simple as pouring in the egg, adding your ingredients, and shutting the device’s lid. 

So, rather than nervously handling a frying pan and spatula, your favourite cook can relax, enjoy a morning cup of tea, and wait for this machine to make an omelette (or two) on their behalf. 

Because this gadget cooks multiple omelettes at once, it’s just as much a gift for cooks as for those cooks’ friends and family members.

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BLUE GINKGO Over The Sink Strainer

If you’ve ever attempted to cook a fancy home dinner consisting of multiple sides and dishes, you’ve likely run into the colander problem—needing to drain multiple pots but only having a single colander.

The BLUE GINKGO Over The Sink Strainer puts a permanent end to this problem, as it’s a trough-like strainer that extends and contracts to fit any sink space. So, if you’d like to boil potatoes, make a pasta dish, and wash fresh greens, you can do it all without investing in multiple colanders!

Even better, this kitchen gadget doubles as a drying trough when you’re washing up, granting a little extra sink-side countertop space and reducing pooled water produced by wet dishware.

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H&S Bamboo Book Stand

Traditional cooking relies on physical recipe books, but keeping these books dry and clean while in the kitchen can be nearly impossible. To ensure your home cook’s beloved cookbooks remain in tip-top shape, you’ll want to gift them the H&S Bamboo Book Stand.

This book stand provides a perfect spot to place hefty recipe books and resembles a gorgeous cutting board. It props up neatly on countertops thanks to a non-slip arm and also features adjustable prongs to keep pages still. 

Thanks to its high-quality bamboo construction, this book stand wipes clean instantly and looks stunning beside other wooden kitchen tools and cutlery on your counter space. You can even place a tablet onto this stand’s ledge for digital cooking assistance.

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Locisne 8-in-1 Kitchen Tool

Some kitchen gadgets serve a handful of related functions. But the Locisne 8-in-1 Kitchen Tool is a neat, attractive, and exceptionally multipurpose cooking gift that any home cook will love to receive. 

Shaped like a wine bottle, this tool consists of:

  • A measurement cup
  • An egg separator
  • A citrus juicer
  • A cheese grater
  • A cap opener

And these are only a few of the eight tools stacked to form this bottle-shaped multi-tool. All-in-all, this nifty gadget is a fantastic choice for students, culinary students, and beginner-level home cooks that don’t yet own loads of kitchen utensils.

You can even use part of this tool as a flower vase to increase your kitchen or dining area’s aesthetic appeal!

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HONGP Push Down Bottle Opener

We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives—the annoying scramble to find a bottle opener in a cluttered kitchen drawer or cupboard. 

Out of frustration, it’s easy to try opening a cold brew or glass-bottled soda using the drawer handles, but this can ruin your kitchen hardware and result in shattered bottles. That’s why the HONGP Push Down Bottle Opener is an excellent gift. 

It’s compact enough to fit into a drawer but unique-looking enough to stand out, making it easy to spot among other gadgets and on your dining table. It also makes opening beers and sodas a cinch, as you only need to push the device over the cap of your favourite beverage and wait for the pleasant sound of carbonation. 

The opener also catches the cap with an internal magnet, so you won’t need to worry about scrambling to fetch that wily cap as it rolls across the kitchen floor.

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Chulovs Electric Jar Opener

As we age, producing enough strength to open jars can become a losing battle. Even with a steady pair of jar-opening grips, it might be impossible for older home cooks and ageing parents to unseal their favourite jarred treats and ingredients.

That’s why the Chulovs Electric Jar Opener is a fantastic cooking gift for elderly and young home cooks. It attaches to jar lids and utilizes powerful motors to twist them free, resulting in an effortless experience that could be a game changer for those who struggle to open jars.

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Beylos Easy Grip Multi-Tool

The Beylos Easy Grip Multi-Tool makes coring apples and creating wedge-shaped chips easy, and it could become any home cook’s new favourite gadget. 

While it requires a little elbow grease (you’ll need to push down to slice ingredients), it’s a fantastic addition to almost any kitchen drawer and toolset. Besides, the soft silicone side grips are easy on the hands and angled to help you produce the most pressure possible.

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Quest Electric Rotisserie

You don’t need to wait for Sunday Roast to enjoy some juicy, perfectly roasted kebabs, meats, and sides. At least, not when you own the Quest Electric Rotisserie.

This counter-sized kitchen gadget can make every day a roast day, and it’s only slightly larger than a standard blender. You could even fit a whole chicken (albeit a small one) inside this device!

Unlike other at-home rotisserie machines, operating this gadget is a breeze. In fact, instead of having a button-covered front panel, it only features a backlit on/off indicator and a timing knob. Be sure to give this machine to a home cook that enjoys roasted meats and veggies.

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Ubrand Wine Bottle Stoppers

A pricey bottle of wine can turn an awkward date night into a memorable evening. But forgetting to seal that bottle can result in skunky, foul-tasting wine that can quickly ruin a good time.

For that reason, every wine-loving household needs a few bottle stoppers. But, like many other useful kitchen gadgets and tools, it’s easy to forget to pick up a few wine stoppers while outfitting your kitchen space.

Ensure that your partner or loved one has everything they need to keep their best wines in excellent condition by investing in these Ubrand Wine Bottle Stoppers. They’re adorably posh, and they could be a groomsman gift.

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Chef Master Meat Tenderizer Tool

Do you know how restaurant chefs make the most mouthwatering cuts of meat? The answer is they use a device like the Chef Master Meat Tenderizer Tool.

Looking for an easy way to tenderize meat? Meet the Chef Master Meat Tenderizer Tool. This powerful little gadget easily slices through meat, creating heat channels that will quickly tenderize your meat while also increasing the flavour and absorption of marinades or spices.

Plus, it can reduce cooking time by up to 40%! The Chef Master Meat Tenderizer Tool is perfect for anyone who loves a good piece of meat, regardless of what cut it is. It even works on pork, veal, turkey and fish!

Don’t let your steaks turn into shoe leather – pick up the Chef Master Meat Tenderizer Tool today!

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Eletorot Rechargeable Fire Lighter

Now, unless you own a backyard grill or a gas range, this kitchen gadget might end up relegated to lighting candles and firepits. However, anyone who enjoys cooking on a gas grill or range is bound to appreciate this gift.

Most fire lighters contain liquid fuel that runs out over time. Replacing this fuel isn’t always possible, and it can also be a messy process.

But the Eletorot Rechargeable Fire Lighter is electric and rechargeable. It doesn’t require any dangerous fuel and can last for years! These qualities make it an ideal addition to any kitchen that utilizes gas powered-appliances.

If you know someone who enjoys cooking and grilling, add this illuminating gift to their pile of presents and watch their face light up with joy. 

Wrap Up

Hundreds of the best kitchen gadgets make for perfect cracker prizes, birthday gifts, or anniversary presents. The right ones for your loved one depend on their needs and culinary preferences.

Still, hopefully, the coolest kitchen gadgets and tools we’ve suggested here will help the home cook in your life achieve their cooking dreams and goals, and you could give them the best Christmas gifts.

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