The Pumpkin Gutter Drill Bit: A Game Changer for Gutting Pumpkins


Two pumpkins gutted and seeds and pulp reserved 1

If you’re like me, then you probably dread the task of gutting a pumpkin. It’s messy, it’s tedious, and it’s just plain ol’ boring. But what if I told you there was a tool that could make the process easier? That’s right – I’m talking about the pumpkin gutter drill bit! This game-changing tool can quickly and easily gut your pumpkin, making the whole process much quicker and easier. Read on for my full review of this amazing tool!

Pumpkin carving: getting your hands in there and dirty!

Hands up, who loves getting their hands covered in pumpkin guts? No, I thought not. It’s one of the less desirable aspects of carving pumpkins, but it’s a necessary evil if you want to create any sort of design. And that’s where the pumpkin gutter drill bit comes in! This nifty little tool attaches to your drill and quickly and easily removes the pumpkin guts, leaving you with a clean, gutted pumpkin to work with.

I have to say, I was pretty sceptical about this tool at first. I mean, how could something that looks so simple actually be effective? But I was quickly proven wrong – this thing is amazing! It made quick work of the pumpkin guts and saved me a ton of time and effort. And cleanup was a breeze, too – simply empty detach the drill bit and give it a quick rinse under the tap. So easy!

So, what happened?

We started with two reasonably sized pumpkins

Two reasonably sized pumpkins

Plus, my trusty DeWalt drill and the Pumpkin Gutter

Pumpking drill and gutter

Ready to go

Pumpkin gutter ready to go

As you can see, the gutter is a sphere of four somewhat sharp blades on the end of a fairly long bar. The long bar means you’d be able to get right inside even the largest of pumpkins, although the downside is that there is a fair distance between the spinning cutter and where you’re holding which means it is slightly harder to control if things start to go a bit wobbly.

With the pumpkins washed, sticky labels removed, and the top sliced open

Washed and the top sliced open

Once all long hair was tied back, and out of the way (not a problem for me), it was time to get to work

Inserting the gutter
Pumkin Gutter Working
Splashed with pumpkin guts

The gutter will fling a few of the seeds out along with some of the stringy guts

Stringy bits around the bar

And you’ll find the string gets wrapped around the bar

Which is no biggie – you just take the gutter off the drill and slide the stringy bits off into the bin.

Pretty quickly, you’re left with a gloop you can scoop out and separate out the seeds.

Seeds and gloop removed

That’s the messy part done, and on to the part, which is normally the time-consuming part that you end up with a sore arm and hand. The pumpkin gutter made short work of hollowing out the pumpkin

Partially hollowed out pumpkin with bits inside 1

Under very close supervision, I did let Izzy try out using the pumpkin gutter. We found that she was letting the drill speed drop from max, which meant that the gutter wasn’t slicing into the flesh but tended to bounce off the walls and just pinged around the inside of the pumpkin. It wasn’t long before she handed the drill back to me, and I carried on.

After maybe 30 seconds of gutting, you’ll probably need to stop to empty out the scrapings, and in a matter of minutes, we’d done the most arduous part of the whole thing. The pumpkin was basically ready for carving.

The process was identical for the second pumpkin, which seemed a lot more stringy on the inside, but it made no difference to the outcome.

Two pumpkins gutted and seeds and pulp reserved 1

We took a pumpkin each and, using stencils downloaded from, we got to carving.

Using a skewer to prick through the stencil and mark the skin of the pumpkin

Tranferring the stencil pattern to the pumpkin 1
Stencil pricked through 1
Pattern transferred 1

Pattern transferred and paper removed

It was time to cut the shapes out with the carving tool

Cutting out the features
Pumpkin face

Carving all done; just need to wipe away the gunk

Izzy carved hers too

Izzy Carving her pumpkin face

How they turned out

And when the sun went down, with the aid of a couple of tea lights in each, we had two very dopey-looking carved pumpkins.

Carved pumpkins with tealights


A pumpkin gutter is essential for anyone who wants to quickly and easily remove the guts from a pumpkin. It made short work of what is usually a time-consuming and messy task, and cleanup was a breeze. I would highly recommend this tool to anyone who wants to make pumpkin carving a breeze this Halloween!

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So there you have it – the pumpkin gutter is a game changer for gutting pumpkins. If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to remove the guts from your pumpkin, then this is the tool for you! Thanks for reading, and happy carving!

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