Upgrade Your Bathroom Now: The 7 Best Shower Heads Of 2023


Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom with one of the Best Shower Heads of 2023? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done extensive research and compiled a list of the 7 best shower heads that are currently available on the market. We’ll cover everything you need to know in order to choose your perfect shower head. So let’s take a look at what makes these shower heads stand out from the rest!

What is a Shower Head

The shower head is the almost magical device that transforms a mundane shower into a luxurious oasis of relaxation. It is the key to unlocking a world of soothing hot water and soothing spray patterns that will take your shower experience to the next level.

Benefits of upgrading to the best shower head

Upgrading your shower head can be a real game-changer! Not only will you enjoy a more evenly distributed shower experience, but you’ll also be able to customize it to your heart’s content. With adjustable spray patterns, massage settings, and even LED lighting, it’s like having your own personal spa in your bathroom. Plus, you can look forward to savings on your water and energy bills thanks to improved efficiency. And to top it all off, it’s a great way to give your bathroom a stylish boost, it is one of the easiest home improvement projects you can undertake and will bring great results. It is likely to be as simple as removing the old shower head from the shower hose, and replacing it with your new shower head. If there are leaks, a small amount of PTFE tape will almost certainly cure that. So if you’re looking to make a splash, choosing one of the Best Shower Heads of 2023 would be the perfect way to do it!

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Pick the Best Shower Head – here are our top 7 of 2023

Our Pick
61MzigyGZGL. AC SL1200
718Dfz6o5cL. AC SL1000
71Dl7PmWIZL. AC SL1000
Image of a shower head highlighting its enhanced water pressure and the distinct centre ring jet stream feature

Speakman Polished Chrome High-Pressure Shower Head


The Speakman polished chrome S-2005-HB High Pressure 2.5 Shower Head is a must-have for anyone who’s looking to upgrade their shower experience. Customers rave about the improved water pressure and the convenience of the centre ring jet stream. Even those with shallow wells and poor water pressure have reported a dramatic difference in their shower experience after installing this shower head.

The innovative design of the Speakman shower head is second to none. With three different stream options and a massage setting, you’ll find the perfect shower experience to fit your needs. The no-leak design is a great bonus as well! It’s easy to install and fits most standard showers, so you don’t need to worry about any additional tools or parts. 

For those looking for a luxury shower experience, this shower head is a great choice. Many customers noted that after trying this shower head, they would never go back to their old, water-saving model. The high pressure of the Speakman S-2005-HB is comparable to those found in high-end hotels and resorts, so you can enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

Overall, the Speakman polished chrome S-2005-HB High Pressure 2.5 Shower Head is a great product for anyone who’s looking for an upgrade in their shower experience. With its high pressure, innovative design, and easy installation, it’s no wonder why so many customers keep coming back for more – and that why we rate it as the best shower head!

  • Incredible pressure
  • Easy installation
  • No flow restrictor
  • Multiple stream options
  • No hard water build-up

What customers are saying…

  • The absolute best shower head I have ever had
  • Never again will I suffer under rainfall showerheads that do nothing
  • I am very pleased with the pressure
  • Massage setting works wonders on sore muscles and joints
  • Excellent spray with great water pressure
  • It will knock you over
  • Makes a huge difference
  • We have a shallow well and our water pressure is less than desirable
  • Price is quite reasonable for this quality product
  • Removing the flow restrictor was more difficult than the reviews let on
Best Handheld Shower Head
71m37oUHNFL. AC SL1500
61QWgeky40L. AC SL1500
61khI6dDYUL. AC SL1181

Mira 360m Four Spray Shower head


The Mira 360m Four Spray Shower head is a must-have for any shower enthusiast. This powerful handheld shower head is the perfect combination of modern design and utility, giving you a shower experience that’s second to none. It’s the perfect replacement for an old shower head – the solid plastic body and heavy weight of the original have been replaced with a light and white version that looks great in any bathroom.

The pressure of the shower is really strong, and the four different spray settings make it easy to customize your shower experience. The mist setting is particularly nice, providing a relaxing and luxurious experience. And if you have low water pressure, this shower head will make a big difference – you’ll be surprised at how much better it works than other models.

Plus, it’s easy to install – simply unscrew your old shower head from the shower hose and attach the new shower head. The Mira 360m Four Spray Shower head fits perfectly, and the clamps provide a secure hold. And with a durable construction, you can be sure it will stand the test of time.

It’s not the cheapest shower head on the market, but it’s definitely worth the cost and we think it is one of the best shower heads. It’s well made, and provides a great shower experience that you won’t find with other models. And with an adjustable head and four spray settings, you’ll be able to customize your shower to get the perfect temperature and pressure every time.

So if you’re looking for a quality showerhead that will provide a luxurious and relaxing experience, look no further than the Mira 360m Four Spray Shower head. It’s easy to install, works great with low pressure, and provides a range of adjustable settings to customize your shower experience. Definitely a worthwhile investment!

  • Transform showering
  • Powerful shower
  • Relaxing experience
  • Well made quality
  • Priceless experience

What customers are saying…

  • Powerful shower with good water pressure
  • Well-made quality shower head with great features
  • Best £60 spent, very well made and highly recommend
  • Transforms showering, worth every penny
  • Flip action shower head, exceptional
  • Priceless
  • The only problem, if at all a problem, was the drop in water pressure
  • Little pricey for what it is
  • Hose leaks too much
Best Budget Shower Head
71Nn4+fXJNL. AC SL1500
61vgmDdRs8L. AC SL1000
71GXkHeizfL. AC SL1000

Newentor High-Pressure Shower Head


Overall, the Newentor High-Pressure Shower Head is an excellent product. It’s easy to install and comes with a rubber washer for a secure fit. The six spray settings allow for an array of shower experiences, from a gentle mist to a powerful massage.

The improved water pressure and flow has made showering quicker and more effective than ever before.

Customers have found that the shower head is a great upgrade from their current setups and have been thrilled with the results.

The shower head is also a great value for money, delivering a great experience for a reasonable price, so if you are looking for the best shower head at a reasonable price, this could be just the ticket.

  • Powerful massage setting
  • Waterfall function
  • Great water flow
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Fantastic showering experience

What customers are saying…

  • Fantastic upgrade
  • Easy fit good shower head
  • Brilliant full flow head
  • What an excellent product
  • Best shower ever
  • Switch selector stopped working after a couple of months
  • Mine had broken after 4 months of use
  • Switch to change the water spray stopped working
Affordable Quality
61VTL+B22hL. AC SL1500
81yYh+LssdL. AC SL1500

GROHE Tempesta 100


The GROHE Tempesta 100 is an outstanding shower head that strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability. It is a German-made product of superior craftsmanship, with a pleasingly simple design and two powerful settings. The first is a gentle rain setting, perfect for relaxation, while the second is a more powerful vortex setting, great for getting invigorated in the morning. It is also easy to clean, and the twist setting between the two modes means you can find the perfect water pressure for your needs.

The GROHE Tempesta 100 is an excellent choice for those who want a quality shower head without breaking the bank. It is an ideal shower head for both high- and low-pressure systems, producing an invigorating shower with both settings. Plus, with a longer and well-thought-out design, it is suitable for those with recessed connection points.

Overall, the GROHE Tempesta 100 is a great shower head for any bathroom. It is robust and well-made, with a sleek design and powerful settings. It is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain, while the twist setting between modes makes it easy to find the perfect water pressure. So if you’re looking for a quality shower head without breaking the bank, the GROHE Tempesta 100 is definitely worth considering.

  • Powerful, robust
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent quality
  • Two settings, gentle & powerful
  • No leaks & no mould

What customers are saying…

  • Excellent quality, stylish and easy to clean
  • Good value for money, looks good and was easy to fit
  • Good shower head, works very well and has good control over power
  • Its ok, maybe I expected more from Grohe
  • Quite noisy, with a metallic ringing when water is flowing through it
  • Pressure is seriously lacking compared to previous shower head
  • Does this weird stop start when trying to use the jet function
  • Spray is quite fine and without strong water pressure it takes a lot longer to shower
Best Ionic Shower Head
71iAiklyhzL. AC SL1400
71ZHLpp6X7L. AC SL1400

Ionic Shower Head


If you’re looking for an effective way to upgrade your shower, the Ionic Shower Head is a great choice. It promises to deliver twice the pressure of a standard shower head and cut water usage by half. And for those of us with low water pressure, this is definitely a welcome feature. 

Installation is easy and the three different settings – mixed flow spray pattern, massaging, and rain – give you the chance to find the perfect shower experience according to your needs all whilst filtering and removing heavy metals. The mixed flow spray pattern is especially effective at making it feel like you’re getting a jet wash.

The Ionic Shower Head has an impressive range of features. The steel disc that comes fitted with produces a very fine spray, while the silicon disk has a better spray pattern. Plus, the filter helps to reduce the effects of hard water and make your hair and skin feel softer. 

The only downside is that it can be a bit top heavy when filled with water, and some shower holders might not be able to handle the weight. But overall, if you want to upgrade your shower experience and enjoy a more powerful shower with less water consumption, the Ionic Shower Head is worth considering. It’s definitely a great value for the money.

  • Powerful shower head
  • Softens hard water
  • 3 settings
  • Doubles pressure
  • Great customer service

What customers are saying…

  • Excellent, Really good, Best shower head we’ve used, Really is good, Game changer!!!
  • Very Useful & absolutely needed for London Homes
  • Reinvigorates a tired Shower
  • Definitely improved water pressure
  • Healthy Hair
  • Aesthetically pleasing but not a lot of power
  • If you think it will be a jet wash then don’t buy it, not enough power
  • Very top heavy when filled with water
  • Doesn’t fit holder very well
  • Water feels cooler
  • No instructions on when you need to change the beads
  • Leaking in less than 12 months use
Transformative Shower Head
71pu2B9wV9L. AC SL1500
91y g1pSF5L. AC SL1500
81rl6cwq2NL. AC SL1500

hansgrohe Raindance Select E 120


The Hansgrohe Raindance Select E 120 shower head is a fantastic product that transforms an ordinary shower into a luxurious experience. Installing this shower head was a breeze, and the press-switch mechanism makes it easy to change between the three different jets: water and air, hard spray, and massage. The large shower head is light but feels of good quality, and the rain setting is a delightful drenching experience. 

For those with low water pressure, this shower head is ideal. The 100mm standard head is replaced by the Raindance, which is designed to work with a normal tank in the roof system and needs pressure to really perform at its best. Those with a Mira power shower will find the performance of this shower head particularly satisfying.

Overall, the Hansgrohe Raindance Select E 120 is a great product that is well worth the money. It is easy to install, gives a fantastic shower experience, and looks great in the bathroom. Whether you need a drenching rain shower or a gentle massage setting, this shower head provides it all. Highly recommended!

  • Three settings – press button control
  • Transforms showering experience
  • Great rain shower head
  • Excellent quality/value for money
  • Great water flow

What customers are saying…

  • Transforms a shower
  • Easy to fit
  • Easy thumb selection of spray pattern
  • Amazing performance
  • Helps with pressure and nice settings
  • I don’t find the other two settings very useful
  • Water flow from shower head was no better than the cheaper product it replaced
  • Doesn’t provide a forceful jet, but it’s calming and soothing
  • Doesn’t work well even with good pressure
  • We have decent water pressure on a 10.5kw shower, but this shower head dribbles water on your head
  • After about a month or so, each of them suddenly restricted the flow of water to a trickle
Prettiest Shower Head

Methven Aio Handheld Shower head


This Methven Aio Handheld Shower head is simply the best on the market. It is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of shower heads, and it is well worth the higher price tag. From the moment you install it, you will notice a significant difference in the water pressure and temperature. You can easily switch between the four different spray settings, and even the most powerful of them is still gentle on your skin.

The showerhead is large, which gives it a more even coverage area than most other shower heads. You will also be able to enjoy a good spray coverage area, even with relatively low water pressure. It’s heavy and sturdy, so there is no need to worry about it falling after a few minutes.

This shower head has been a life-changer for many people. It offers a comprehensive shower experience that is hard to find with other shower heads. There is no annoying ‘ring of water’ design and the spouts are well-positioned to give you a strong shower. 

It’s easy to see why this has been voted the best shower head around. Not only does it offer a great shower experience, but it is also easy to install and looks great too. 

If you’re looking for a shower head that is reliable, powerful, and luxurious, then you should definitely consider the Methven Aio Handheld Shower Head. It will transform your showering experience and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Very Stylish
  • Excellent quality
  • Powerful shower
  • Easy to install
  • Nice design & functionality

What customers are saying…

  • Excellent spray coverage area
  • Easily installed
  • Powerful shower with good water pressure
  • Good quality and design
  • Heavy
  • Expensive brand
  • Needs good water pressure to work well

Rain Shower Head

If you are looking for advice or recommendations about rain shower heads, then check out our list of the top 6 electric showers with rain shower head as well as our list of the best rain shower head which would fit an existing shower.

Which type of shower head is best?

There are so many different types of shower heads available, and it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. Generally speaking, if you’re looking for a powerful and luxurious shower experience, then a handheld or rain style shower head is the way to go. These offer more control over where the water goes and provide a strong spray. If you don’t have too much room in your bathroom and need a more compact shower head, then a wall-mounted option would be best. For those with low pressure, a specially designed pressurized shower head could provide the perfect solution.

Ultimately, it all depends on your personal preference, so make sure to experiment with different types of shower heads to find the best one for you. With so many great options available, upgrading your bathroom has never been easier!

What shower head gives the most water pressure?

When it comes to pressure, one of the best options is the Hansgrohe Raindance Select E 120. This shower head is designed to work with a normal roof system and needs pressure to really perform at its best. Those with a Mira power shower will find the performance of this shower head particularly satisfying. Additionally, the spouts are well-positioned to give you a strong spray, so you don’t have to worry about not receiving adequate pressure. With this shower head, you can enjoy a powerful and satisfying shower experience with every use.

Regardless of which shower head you choose, it’s important to ensure that your pressure is sufficient before making any purchase. You may need to contact your local plumber or water supplier if it isn’t up to the required standard. Otherwise, you might not get the best performance from your shower head.

Are high end shower heads worth it?

High end shower heads are definitely worth the investment if you’re looking for a luxurious shower experience. With these models, you can enjoy more pressure and control, as well as upgraded features like LED lights or massage jets. Even if you are on a budget, there are still some great options available. The Methven Aio Handheld Shower Head is one such example, offering excellent performance and stylish design at a relatively affordable price.

Regardless of which shower head you choose, it’s important to take into account your budget, space constraints, and water pressure before making any purchase. With the right shower head, you can easily upgrade your bathroom and enjoy a luxurious shower experience every time.

Do different shower heads make a difference?

Absolutely! Different shower heads will give you different experiences, depending on your needs and preferences. Some are designed to provide a strong rainfall effect, while others have massage jets and LED lighting for a more luxurious feel. Others are specifically designed to reduce water usage, while still providing the same great shower experience.

What makes a shower head more powerful?

Shower heads that are specifically designed to provide more pressure will generally have narrower spray nozzles and fewer small holes in the faceplate. This helps to create a stronger stream of water, resulting in better performance. Additionally, some shower heads can be built with pressurizing chambers which help keep the water flow steady and consistent regardless of your water pressure.

Finally, some models come with adjustable pressure settings so you can adjust the power to suit your needs. This is a great feature for those who need more or less pressure depending on the day and task at hand.

Overall, there are plenty of great shower heads currently on the market that provide strong performance, luxurious features, and adjustable pressure settings. Do your research and find the one that best suits your needs, so you can upgrade your bathroom with ease!

Are rainfall shower heads worth it?

Rainfall showerheads are great for a luxurious and relaxing shower experience. With a gentle and steady stream of water raining down from the showerhead, the shower user is enveloped in a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. Rainfall showerheads usually require a boiler or tank-fed system, but there are a number of electric showers with rainfall heads available on the market. Many of these electric showers feature adjustable temperature and spray settings, as well as digital or mechanical controls, making them a great choice for those who want to create their own personalised shower experience. With a rainfall showerhead, you can enjoy a long, relaxing shower that is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

How can I make my shower more powerful?

1. Increase the water pressure: Installing a water pressure booster pump can help increase the pressure in your shower.

2. Replace the shower head: Replacing your shower head with one that has multiple settings and jets can help increase the power of the spray.

3. Adjust the height and/or angle of the shower head: Adjusting the angle of the shower head can help increase the pressure of the water coming out.

4. If you’ve got an electric shower, increase the power setting on the shower, if you’re already at max power, try lowering the temperature dial slightly, which will give more water throughput.

5. Install an inline water heater

How do I choose a new shower head?

The best shower head depends on your needs, budget and preferences. Before making any purchase, make sure to consider the following factors:

1. Size & Weight: Large shower heads can help create a luxurious feel, while smaller ones are ideal for small spaces. Consider the size of your bathroom before choosing a shower head, as larger models will require more space.

2. Water Pressure: If you want a powerful shower experience, make sure to check the pressure rating of each model before making your purchase. High-pressure models will provide a stronger stream of water and better performance overall.

3. Installation Type: Some shower heads are designed to be installed directly onto the existing wall or shower arm, while others require a bit more back-end plumbing and installation. Consider the type of installation that is best suited to your needs.

4. Budget: Shower heads come at different price points, so make sure to factor this into your decision-making process. Research models within your budget and compare features before making your final purchase.

By considering these factors, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and find the best shower head for your bathroom. With the right model in place, you can enjoy a luxurious and powerful showering experience!

Is a higher wattage shower more powerful?

Yes. A higher wattage shower will draw more power and provide a stronger stream of water. However, it’s important to note that there are other factors to consider and the actual output is determined by the pressure entering the shower unit, the rating of your shower and the flow capacity of your shower head.

Also, note that showers with higher wattage drawers will use more energy and potentially increase your electricity bills. So, consider the cost of running a high-wattage shower before making any purchase decisions.

Choose the best Electric Shower


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