Hi! I’m Jon,
the buzzing Tech guy.

I write to inspire vibrant home and garden living.

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Jonathan’s Beekeeping Influence Story

Brother Adam and The Buckfast Bee: My Inspiration to Start Keeping Bees

About Me

Hello there! I’m Jonathan. My life’s journey has been as eclectic as it is fascinating, brimming with a blend of tech, treasure, and a touch of the extraordinary.

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Hobbies: Where do you find me when I’m not writing and editing? Perhaps I am scouring the fields or wandering along the beach with my trusty Garrett AT Pro metal detector or working on a problem which requires a program to be written, lock picking (for educational purposes, of course), or home automation. And when the sun sets, you might catch me brewing a batch of homemade wine or beer. Perhaps I am planning my next property refurbishment.

Career: My professional path started right after graduating in Computer Science from The University of Birmingham. I leapt into the world of Information Technology as IT Manager for an IFA network and subsequently started my own IT company. From there, I plunged into the burgeoning world of VoIP networks long before they became household words. I navigated the complex waters of e-commerce, too, diving into the pet supply industry, and let’s say it was more than just a walk in the park. I was juggling everything from automated weighing systems to real-time stock updates. And yes, there were challenges – who knew use-by dates could be such a thorn in the side?

Dream: But let’s take a moment for something a bit more… buzzing. For years, I’ve harboured a fascination with beekeeping. Yes, bees! Those tiny, industrious creatures have captivated me since I was a student at Buckfast Abbey School, home to the hives of the legendary beekeeper Brother Adam. Between dodging bee poop (which, funnily enough, smells of honey) and classes, I grew intrigued by these incredible insects and their role in our ecosystem.

Though I’ve taken an introductory course in beekeeping and dream of starting my own hives, time has been a sly adversary. But don’t be surprised if, one day, I trade tech gadgets for a beekeeper’s suit – it’s on my horizon!

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On a personal note, my greatest joy and achievement is being a father to my wonderful daughter(the girl in the picture, leaping among Dartmoor’s rocks). Her growth and happiness are my world.

Reflecting on my journey, my relentless curiosity and adaptability have been the constant. Whether solving a tech puzzle or envisioning a new business venture, my approach is to think creatively and persevere until the best solution reveals itself.

My Vision: Now, what’s brewing for the future? My sights are set on ramping up harryrufus.com to 50,000 monthly views, expanding my holiday let portfolio, and stepping into the vibrant world of YouTube. Long-term? Envision a thriving collection of 10 holiday lets, 4 HMO properties, a million monthly visitors on my website, and a buzzing YouTube channel.

So, thanks for stopping by! Whether it’s uncovering hidden treasures, delving into the digital world, or maybe even donning a beekeeper’s hat, I’m on a journey of endless discovery.