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Founder and Editor

I have a background in Information Technology.

Fresh out of a computer science degree at The University of Birmingham, I became IT manager of Berkeley Wodehouse Associates (BWA), which Lighthouse Group plc subsequently acquired.

I established an IT support company with a school friend and we built VoIP networks before many people had even heard of the technology.

I spent a few years at the coalface of e-commerce, running holiday letting and property management companies. More recently, I’ve looked after chickens (moderately successfully), brewed beer, wine and cider (a little too successfully), and am the founder and Chief Oxford Comma Destroyer at Harry Rufus.


Digital Marketing

I’m Joshua, hailing from the vibrant Philippines. There, I played an instrumental role as an admin/safety officer for various civil works and FPAS projects. Over the years, I poured my heart and soul into our family’s HVAC-R and Paint Center business. It gave me an invaluable peek into the world of customer-centric operations.

My life outside the professional realm is just as fulfilling. I’ve taken under my wing the responsibility of caring for my father’s flock of chickens and birds – it’s been a journey of mixed success, but always rewarding. Despite still being in the novice leagues, I have a soft spot for fishing. But the special moments, those that really touch my heart, are spent with family – whether it’s beach trips, poolside chats, or jubilant gatherings.

A shared sentiment with Jon, my most cherished role is being a devoted father to my delightful young daughter. Watching her flourish on life’s grand stage sparks a sense of wonder in me, constantly reminding me of how fleeting time can be. Driven by an unshakeable love for my family and a commitment to give my all, I’ve found that I can be a key player in any project or team.

Clark A


Strategic Relationship Manager

Clark is a devoted environmental advocate with a keen eye for organization and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Holding a professional registration as a Chemist, Clark has been instrumental in his role at the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Environmental Management Bureau in the Philippines.

Throughout his esteemed career in chemistry, Clark has amassed a diverse portfolio of experiences, ranging from hands-on laboratory work to utilizing advanced computational methods for simulating intricate chemical processes. His expertise spans organic synthesis, quantum chemistry, and nanoscale material behaviour. At the core of his professional pursuits lies a profound dedication to fostering a healthier environment and pushing the frontiers of scientific knowledge.

Beyond the laboratory, Clark finds solace in the world of video games, offering a momentary respite from reality. As a proud pet owner of five dogs and six cats, his home is filled with furry companionship. Anchoring his journey is a deep-rooted faith and the unwavering support of his family.


Business Development

I am Jenievieve, a dedicated entrepreneur and financial advisor from the picturesque Philippines. As a petroleum engineering graduate, I have been able to integrate my technical background into my true passion – entrepreneurship and financial advising. Travelling is another one of my deep-seated interests, and nothing brings me more pleasure than exploring new destinations while savouring a comforting cup of coffee.

In addition to my professional endeavours, I take delight in my role as a loving pet parent to two charming dogs who bring abundant joy and vibrancy to my world. When I step away from my professional responsibilities, I relish the opportunity to engage in culinary pursuits, specializing in creating tantalizing pastries, cookies, and cakes.



Business Development

Greetings! I am April Rose, a dynamic and motivated entrepreneur passionate about the culinary arts and hospitality industry. I am a Filipina who profoundly values the rich tapestry of flavours, innovation, and commerce. Born and raised in the Philippines, my experiences have instilled in me a profound appreciation for our vibrant culture and cuisine.

I am a dedicated businesswoman and a proud mother of a delightful 2-year-old daughter, who is my constant inspiration for hard work and the relentless pursuit of excellence. This drive for perfection transcends into my professional roles, where I blend my business acumen with my passion for the food and beverage industry.

My kitchen is a haven for me, a place where I weave together local and international dishes and bake a variety of delightful pastries, cookies, and cakes. The tranquillity and rhythmic lullaby of the seashore also provides a welcome retreat, aiding me in recharging and escaping the rigours of daily life.